Get your adrenalin pumping at these best rafting spots in North Island, NZ.

If you have a hankering for adventure in nature, water rafting is one activity that suits all skill levels. Water rafting is a fun way to do physical exercise, something that not all get in good amount. It also brings you close to nature and vegetation and is a great family bonding exercise.

New Zealand ranks among the top destinations for water rafting. On an average, a rafting trip costs between NZ $90- $200 each and most rafting companies supply wetsuits, thermals, socks and everything else required for the activity. The river suitable for rafting are graded on a scale of 1-6 based on the difficulty level.

1 = Easy
2 = Medium
3 = Difficult
4 = Very difficult
5 = Extremely difficult
6 = Unrunnable

So if you have plans of going white water rafting in North Island- New Zealand, here are our top picks.

Wairoa River (Grade 5)

White water rafting in Wairoa River is pure delight for experts. Claimed as the world’s highest commercially rafted waterfall, the rafting experience here in unique as this is a 7m long natural hydroslide combined with fresh and beautiful scenery all around. This provides an exhilarating experience to the rafters.

Kaituna River (Grade 5)

Kaituna River
Rafting here starts from children aged 13 years and over but is not meant for the fainthearted. A trip which is sure to get your adrenalin rushing, this exhilarating rides moves you through white foamy water from a height of seven meters.

Mohaka River (Grade 2 – 5)

Mohaka River
Whatever your style of adventure is, this place is for you. Having both grade 2 raft and inflatable yacht (dukie) experience in a less travelled river gorge to the 4-5 grade of rafting adventure filled with technical fall.

Motu River (Grade 3 – 4)

Motu River Opotiki District Bay of Plenty New Zealand
A less travelled river, this is known for its unspoilt beauty. A 100 km long rafting experience which leads to the sea, is sure to push you at the edge of the seat. Visitors often stay back for a night around a campfire and absorb the outdoors before making a return trip.

This place offers gentle blackwater river rafting and whitewater rafting and is complemented with stunning natural looks of water and vegetation.

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