The Top 4 Museums To Visit In New Zealand.

If you are the kind who likes to spend money on experiences rather than on material purchases, a Museum visit is a must visit on your list always.

An informal place for education, museum is about learning, connecting and creating memories which do not expire. An informal learning environment, a community centre, a great family outing- however, you may see it, Museums are great and below are our top 4 picks from New Zealand.

Auckland War Memorial Museum:

Auckland War Memorial Museum
One of the first museum of New Zealand and the finest in the Southern Hemisphere, this museum has been collecting and researching their collections since 1929. A great one stop place for gaining insights on New Zealanders, the centre is always replete with activities, performances, displays and exhibitions, suitable for all age groups.

Comprising of three floors, the ground floor has a grand foyer, has an amazing collection of antique instruments, 480 to be precise, pacific masterpieces, Maori court and much more. The top two floors are the Hall of Memories, commemorating the fallen soldiers during World War I and II.

Canterbury Museum:

Canterbury Museum

Renowned for natural and human history collections, this place continues to delight and engage visitors for the past 150 years. Situated in Christchurch, a central part in New Zealand, this museum houses the skeleton of extinct giant Moa bird, the gold plated bike won by legendary biker Ivan Mauger and the Bicorn Hat worn by Captain Robert Falcon Scott, leader of two expeditions to Antarctica, to name a few.

Otago Museum, Dunedin:

Otago Museum, Dunedin

Situated near the city centre of Dunedin, there are nearly 1.5 million items to see. From the Victorian collection of stuffed animals to Japanese armour, Moa eggs, interactive corners- it is a very well presented space for local, regional and all rounded kiwi history and culture. The 360 degrees planetarium visit attracts both young and adults. What’s more! The entry to this place is free.

World of WearableArt and Classic Cars Museum:

World of WearableArt and Classic Cars Museum

As the name suggests, there are two distinctly different passions on display here. One, a world-class collection of classic cars and second, a state of art Wearable Art garment collection.

The classic car museums showcase the eclectic mix of changing times, technology and trends in the art of motoring. Some having undergone massive restoration are most sought after models in classic motoring.

In the World of WearableArt, also known as WOW, there are 70 WearableArt on display. Started as a passionate dream of a local sculptor, Suzie Moncrieff, this section of the museum attracts artists and designers from around the globe to design and compete for the best wearable art. The award-winning creations are displayed along with some timeless masterpieces which have wowed the audience.

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